Motorcycle Gas Stations, the Gas Stations for Motorcycles.....

Public, invited to Motorcycle Gas Club sites during build up phase - have fun!


Today’s News:
As of Thursday 7th December 2017, Motorcycle Gas Has acquired a few acres, to begin “our” Studio!


Latest additions 9/2/2018:


U.S.A. – I do know, during the first or second term of President Barack Obama’s presidency (Obama Care, National Health Care): Motorcyclist can group together as one Motorcycle Club, . 

As the Officer (Layman) of this venture(s), I do as I please, when I please - when it pleases I: PRIVATELY Thank You for respecting my privacy...

of·fi·cer [áwfissər, óffissər]noun (plural of·fi·cers) elected or appointed official: somebody who is elected or appointed to an administrative position in a society, corporation, or government department

 lay·man [láymən] (plural lay·men [láymən]) noun somebody without specialist knowledge: somebody who is not trained or expert in a particular area ·  a law book for the layman

 Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


With this knowledge base:  Does anyone know what a “lobbyist” is?  The ones’ that get law makers to vote according to the people they represent. In this case Motorcyclist & the insurance Co."Blue Shield"

Well in layman’s tongue: For us, that is purchasing power, which in turn lowers motorcyclist overall insurance premiums each.  Do the math – Small businesses in general pay overall higher group insurance policy plans than larger businesses and organizations.


MOTORCYCLEGAS.PIZZA - This domain extension .pizza falls under food pick-ups and it is easy to remember, when they have a taste for two or more cuisines.

MOTORCYCLEGAS.SOLUTIONS will expand, however for now this is more of a business and government resource for snow time activities, example: clearing pedestrian freeway overpass walkways and clearing sidewalks in front of businesses and small parking lot. Don't forget, some of us ride quad runners. Snow plow in the front and a salt/sand distributor aft (in the back) spells other side gigs where we can make a little change.

MOTORCYCLEGAS.TOURS is whatever you see MotorcycleGas.Mobi as, a chauffeur service / taxi / cab - The overall point and theme is we are environmentally prejudice with motorcycles carbon foot print and if solo environmentally savvy travelers are traveling solo - Motorcycle Gas . Mobi has an alternative mode of travel.


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Motorcycle Gas Studio is where all will be able to catch up on

the Motorcycle Gas Club TV Sitcom Series,

as well as “OUR” Movie Series.


LIONELL: Was getting ready to say something, however a funny thought: On the Commission Requirements link below of every page.  It forwards people to a page where you see this

& this is nothing more than a way for qualified cyclist to make some side cash.  That is all well and good, however here in NYC, they did an expose on the news about those first responders a few days later.

They’re training is more of an elite type of response for of course not ordinary or routine rescue scenario’s.

Well, I saw the different type of training that could be learned earlier through the American Red Cross site. 

After a cyclist has learned and completed all those courses.  I would think they would be eligible for other types of training, like this elite class of rescuers.

Now as this picture board of the reality and some of the scenario’s that could happen during some of the Motorcycle Gas Club TV Sitcom Series, as well as “OUR” Movie Series.

Our main purpose as NEMS (None Emergency Medical Service) is to relieve the EMS & of course make a little change on the side.  However, in Bigger cities, grid lock is a common everyday occurrence. 

A person past away here a year or so ago, because of this phenomenon “Grid Lock”, and to make a longer scenario shorter – In all honesty, we do not have it, sidewalks – dotted line ridding and some others I would think.

Almost there, hey pretty good build up since 91 or 92 – I’m getting old, memory ain’t (are not) what it use to be.  Just ratcheting things in place now, for a good longevity ride!



All directed Impromptu for a director’s cut point of view always.


Whether you see impromptu as theatrical acting or role playing. 

Many household names of today made a career from their first movie gigs,

displaying their acting range and then from next adventure (movie Set) to another. 


MGStudio hopes that 1 or 2, maybe more MGStudio Impromptu agents

will graduate from Impromptu to the Silver Screen Cut.


I’m Out,


End of Scene!


Cheddah Cheeeze Production Agreement
Cheddah Cheeeze is a way of saying “smile for the birdy”
All filming starts when I, the director, producer, editor, etc. says Cheddah Cheeeze!
All screen participants will look at the camera filming their angle and mantra (say) “Cheddah Cheeeze” & the sequence of events shall move forward into the viewers (audience) sight.

  1. The audience site would be what was known as the directors cut (my camera vantage of the whole scenario, the participants are role playing “acting”).

  2. I’m Out signifies “cut”: End of Scene.

  3. As for moi (me), I am here to affiliate my claim as far as fame goes as all participants role play in “Impromptu” format.

  4. The compound word itself speaks volumes: I’m Prompt to!

  5. I only direct “Impromptu” scenario’s!

  6. Hopefully we’ll be able to be a spring board for those of the play (theatrical) genre, a few long-standing careers in the acting world.

  7. Reference: The movie “TAPS” and other movies during their ("their" meaning youthful movie beginnings) young and “no name” eligibility for star status of said role players, that are now house hold names for today’s generations!

  8. Hopefully & just maybe we will be able to catch the eye of a director looking for someone to play a role in their name brand collage of movie scripts. 

  9. Just saying in plain English: rehearsals happen when they happen, studying for a part is not “Impromptu”, graduating to other budgets is part of the cycle and for some – the lottocracy of loot attained for “role playing” skills that draw in a crowd to see the next adventure of “said” role player is only an achievable balance for all that mantras “Cheddah Cheeeze” & there are 9 planets in our solar system Cheddah Cheeeze……



"OUR" Flying Motorcycle designed by LIONELL

is Aeromsee (Aeronautical Motorcycle)!

Sitcom & Film series already in the works


LIONELL started thinking and engineering the

thought of "Aeromsee" in 1998 after watching

and Inspired by a 1998 cartoon series

"Invasion America" episode 6 "Home"

You Tube link & IMDb link.


LIONELLs" thought at the time was - I can make a real one, however the thought at the time

was the idea was owned by someone else & a friend responded,

no-one is expecting me to make a real one & here we are today,

with a better design (a couple of upgrades here and there) and Motorcycle Gas to boot!



Invasion America is an animated science fiction miniseries that aired in the prime time lineup on The WB Television Network and later as a part of the Kids' WB programming block. Produced by DreamWorks Animation (then part of DreamWorks proper, now its own company), the series was created by Steven Spielberg and Harve Bennett, who also served as executive producers.

[Taken from Wikipedia] & [Now Copied from You Tube]