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Public, invited to Motorcycle Gas Club sites during build up phase - have fun!


Today’s News:
As of Thursday 7th December 2017, Motorcycle Gas Has acquired a few acres, to begin “our” Studio!


Latest additions 9/2/2018:


U.S.A. – I do know, during the first or second term of President Barack Obama’s presidency (Obama Care, National Health Care): Motorcyclist can group together as one Motorcycle Club, . 

As the Officer (Layman) of this venture(s), I do as I please, when I please - when it pleases I: PRIVATELY Thank You for respecting my privacy...

of·fi·cer [áwfissər, óffissər]noun (plural of·fi·cers) elected or appointed official: somebody who is elected or appointed to an administrative position in a society, corporation, or government department

 lay·man [láymən] (plural lay·men [láymən]) noun somebody without specialist knowledge: somebody who is not trained or expert in a particular area ·  a law book for the layman

 Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2005. © 1993-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


With this knowledge base:  Does anyone know what a “lobbyist” is?  The ones’ that get law makers to vote according to the people they represent. In this case Motorcyclist & the insurance Co."Blue Shield"

Well in layman’s tongue: For us, that is purchasing power, which in turn lowers motorcyclist overall insurance premiums each.  Do the math – Small businesses in general pay overall higher group insurance policy plans than larger businesses and organizations.


MOTORCYCLEGAS.PIZZA - This domain extension .pizza falls under food pick-ups and it is easy to remember, when they have a taste for two or more cuisines.

MOTORCYCLEGAS.SOLUTIONS will expand, however for now this is more of a business and government resource for snow time activities, example: clearing pedestrian freeway overpass walkways and clearing sidewalks in front of businesses and small parking lot. Don't forget, some of us ride quad runners. Snow plow in the front and a salt/sand distributor aft (in the back) spells other side gigs where we can make a little change.

MOTORCYCLEGAS.TOURS is whatever you see MotorcycleGas.Mobi as, a chauffeur service / taxi / cab - The overall point and theme is we are environmentally prejudice with motorcycles carbon foot print and if solo environmentally savvy travelers are traveling solo - Motorcycle Gas . Mobi has an alternative mode of travel.


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Motorcycle Gas Community

Of the various commissions to be presented
Wanna here a stori:

Throughout history, campaigns had & do have a standard.  A common cause in which all can rally upon!  Whether it be for the good or otherwise.
This commission is for “OUR” standard or ensign, whichever.
This commission is of a high offense:

  1. Never seen a standard that changes colors
  2. Our mascot is the Seahorse
  3. Two Seahorses: Back to Back fused together by their tails
  4. Now visualize that this commissions’ mascot looks like a horseshoe
  5. Place the mascot on a field of gold
  6. The standard is the field of gold
  7. The field of gold base color, is that of a gold bullion brick
  8. The standard is a weather beacon
  9. When it is cold enough for snow the standards metallic flakes will shine, more or less the metallic flakes will spot up the standard – Looking like snowflakes, the colder the weather the more “OUR” ensign will spot up
  10. When it is heatwave type weather the standard will resemble our sun in the center of this solar system – From gold bullion brick color standard to the warming glow of the sun
  11. This is for any artisan or craftspersons that can visualize the thought into reality
  12. The gold bullion brick color field of the standard will be our standard
  13. However, for the movie (stay tuned), the various Motorcycle Gas Clubs that represent “Motorcycle Gas Club” will have the “seahorseshoe” and each “seahorseshoe” will be commissioned by each “Motorcycle Gas Club”.  These various “seahorseshoe’s” will naturally blend in on “OUR” gold bullion standard.  Each “seahorseshoe” designation is “1 of Many Ensigns”
    1. Motorcycle Gas Club is looking for artisans or craftspersons that can make a gold flag with 2 seahorses with their tails linked together as if they were one.  The results should be because of the seahorses’ long nose – the look of a horseshoe! 
      1. When on our standard, it will never matter which side a person see’s the standard, because from the left or right profile the seahorse (in reality) looks the same or identical. 
        1. Which makes an almost perfect, if not perfect mascot – with whom other’s may indulge their artistic thought without straying from our position!

Sea + Horse + Shoe = “seahorseshoe”: is "OUR" word! It is a compound word – Motorcycle Gas Club will petition grammar authorities for inclusion as a compound word!
End of commission of a high offense 7/17/2017 8:17 AM


example of a seahorse brought to us by:

What we have here is a rough example of what I, the orator is speaking of.

Me nowhere near skilled enough to draw or think i could ever be as nice as some out there!

Who can now extend the tails inward and resemble a horseshoe at the same time?


another example of "OUR" standard overall color

"Gold Bullion"