Motorcycle Gas Stations, the Gas Stations for Motorcycles.....

Public, invited to Motorcycle Gas Club sites during build up phase - have fun!


Today’s News:
As of Thursday 7th December 2017, Motorcycle Gas Has acquired a few acres, to begin “our” Studio!


Motorcycle Gas Club {?}

This thought began “92” and now flourished for all motorcyclist, trike enthusiast and quad runners – no go carts
The evolution of a thought is now an idea with the help of fellow motorcyclist nationwide (USA), we have come to this juncture of too be or not too be {?}

Because we are all part of the same Motorcycle Gas Club, which membership is free.
Just have a motorcycle, trike, quad runner, any two wheels (examples: scooter / moped) and Smart Cars.

If one does not know what a lobbyist is: This is a person or group sent to Washington D.C. for a unison thought of many that think the same way.  They lobby elected officials, basically to sway their upcoming vote(s) in the favor of the people they are there to represent.

Insurance coverage is no different: Motorcycle Gas Club as a “lobbyist” for “us” (MOTORCYCLIST) will probably get the best rates going!

This is not a unity rally, a sound check for the purest as well as the recreationalist and casual riders, seasonal, moto crossers – etcetera.  Join our Motorcycle Gas Club and the sky for us is limitless.

Who owns your present Insurance Company, Stock Holders with Stock Options {?}.  Motorcycle Gas Club is speaking of members only full coverage insurance.

* Motorcycle Gas Club & SMART CARS:
Smart Cars do not make much of a Carbon Foot Print in the Environment!  Smart Cars 2,345 lbs. (pounds) and less will be aloud to gas up at Motorcycle Gas.

** For all other vehicles, there are traditional gas stations, after attempting to get gas a couple of times.  The word should get out quickly that the Motorcycle Gas Pumps are pressure sensitive and will not work as a safety measure and precaution when the pressure plate has a weight pressure of more than Cars 2,345 lbs. (pounds).

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Rabbit Black Bean Taco

Motorcycle Gas

Wild Game Club


Motorcycle Gas Wild Game Club Dine In or Takeout Feasting or Grocery Shop

"OUR" Realm of Frozen Delicacies like Fruits, Pastries, Seafood and Veggies.


Motorcycle Gas Wild Game Club, Wild Game Grocery Shopping is the same as going to a butcher

A La Carte style of choice fresh wild game.


Also, Motorcycle Gas Wild Game Club Menu host a range of wild game for in house dining or fast food take out scenarios

for bison, fowl, mutton, rabbit, seafood (catch of the day) varies and venison. 

After choosing your wild game portions, peruse the frozen food grocery cabinets of fruit and berries, pastries,

and vegetables.  The Local Farmers Market farms dictates the fresh from frozen availability.

Dine in or Takeout feasting, choices are limitless: Trying something new, pick out the courses and let our cook chef it up. 

Now you know without spending an arm and a leg, just to sample a thought.

Is that genius or is it common sense?  The foods you choose could be fast food of your own creation or take out

from the available pre-made choices or got some time, sit and dine. 


And don’t forget Motorcycle Gas Wild Game Club is a mini-mart of sorts as well, just as easily as your choices

can be made for you.  You're also just grocery shopping, picking up a couple of things before the game,

on the way to house, beach, picnic, etc.

There are many ways to develop a Motorcycle Gas Club!

Motorcycle Gas has been designed for many phases of development according

to the Motorcycle Gas Club Owner(s) area of thought, as well as the location of the area!


A place where Motorcyclist can hang out & eat or shop for Groceries

As things go, I must explain why what is, is what I make of it:

To all future motorcycle gas club owners, I say reference I, (com is for commerce). 

I have been impregnated with a thought from none other than Coca Cola: Back in the day Coca Cola during its youthful phase of expanding, made agreements to expand.  Today even though Coca Cola is who they are in a global market place, they have agreements out there that must be honored.

Layman terms: Knowing what they had and wanting to expand rapidly, they chose to hire “distributors”. Now, times have changed and Coca Cola, did what is called a buyout of all distributors. 

All most like today when a company is now doing something else and buys out certain employee’s, otherwise known as “severance pay”. "Severance Pay”: (pause) - Appreciate it and it was fun while it lasted and here is a little sum’n sum’n for your service or help during a time of expansion!

However, there are a few distributors today that did not go with the new flow of Coca Cola.  As things have it, Coca Cola adheres to their obligations and sends their syrup that authenticates the taste and so on to those who did not opt in for a severance. 

I say reference I, (com is for commerce). A.W.I.S.E. simply states Artisans, Writers, Inventors, Scientist, Etc. (Goods & Services) and I(s) stands for (Investors). A.W.I.S.E. is not a lifelong stipend for the I(s). Invest make some a couple of dollars and move on, find another A.W.I.S.E. type projection to invest with! 

As I find the words, 7/11/2017 5:00 pm, usually I write them. 

What Motorcycle Gas Club appears to moi (French way to say me) is the same as, another venture that I have been at for a while now and having a or many free radicle Motorcycle Gas Club owner’s adhering to local or any for that fact ideologies will not keep the Motorcycle Gas Club pureness of creation, let alone culture. 

I’s Invest only to know, building a thought that is overdue has everything to do with whom we build for – It is not us. Terms are simple: Start a Motorcycle Gas Club & after you and or your investors have recouped the initial investment / there will be 13 years of profit, before 100% ownership is back with LIONELL INC – Only other note is throughout the time of any profit 1% goes to LIONELL INC Treasury ( or Motorcycle Gas Club, both are the same!

Other than that,

“Peace Sign Up, Anarchist Sign Down” by the left hand side, “We Ride”!



Motorcycle Gas Club

Of the various commissions to be presented
Wanna here a stori:

Throughout history, campaigns had & do have a standard.  A common cause in which all can rally upon! 

Whether it be for the good or otherwise.

This commission is for “OUR” standard or ensign, whichever.

This commission is of a high offense:

  1. Never seen a standard that changes colors
  2. Our mascot is the Seahorse
  3. Two Seahorses: Back to Back fused together by their tails
  4. Now visualize, that this commissions’ mascot looks like a horseshoe
  5. Place the mascot on a field of gold
  6. The standard is the field of gold
  7. The field of gold base color, is that of a gold bullion brick
  8. The standard is a weather beacon
  9. When it is cold enough for snow the standards metallic flakes will shine, more or less the metallic flakes will spot up the standard – Looking like snowflakes, the colder the weather the more “OUR” ensign will have metallic flakes
  10. When it is heatwave type weather, the standard will resemble our sun in the center of this solar system – From "OUR" gold bullion brick color standard, to the warming glow of the sun
  11. This is for all artisan or craftspersons that can visualize the thought into reality
  12. The gold bullion brick color field of the standard is our standard
  13. However, for the movie (stay tuned), the various clubs that represent “Motorcycle Gas Club” will have the “seahorseshoe” and each “seahorseshoe” will be commissioned by each “Motorcycle Gas Club”.  These various “seahorseshoe’s” will naturally blend in on “OUR” gold bullion standard.  Each “seahorseshoe” designation is “1 of Many Ensigns”
    1. Motorcycle Gas Club is looking for artisans or craftspersons that can make a field of gold bullion color with 2 seahorses with their tails linked together as if they were one.  The results should be because of the seahorses’ long nose "the look of a horseshoe" 
      1. When on our standard it will never matter, which side a person see’s the standard from because from the left or right profile, the seahorse (in reality) looks the same or identical

Which makes an almost perfect, if not perfect mascot, with whom other’s may indulge their artistic thought without straying from our position!

“seahorseshoe” is our word, it is a compound word – Motorcycle Gas Club will petition grammar authorities for inclusion as a compound word!

End of commission of a high offense 7/11/2017 5:37 pm